DinarCoin is Dc Crypto Asset, created on Binance Smart Blockchain, being pegged to a gold spot contract (BNB) from the BNB liquidity provider.

The total amount of DinarCoin (DC) in circulation can be verified on Blockchain or checking the BNB held in escrow at BNB liquidity provider. The backbone of the technology behind is the Public Binance Blockchain mechanism.

Every DC is pegged to real, physical gold, so the risk of inflation is eliminated.

DINARCOIN (DC) (DC) is a decentralized virtual digital currency that can be sent between users through the Dinarcoin DC peer-to-peer network, without the need for intermediaries like banks or governments. It was the first example of a cryptocurrency, a growing asset class that shares some characteristics of traditional currencies, but has verification based on cryptography.

The term ‘DINARCOIN ’ can refer to the token (a snippet of code that represents ownership of a digital value) or it can refer to the technology (a distributed network that maintains the ledger of balances of the DINARCOIN DC token).

Idea for Dinarcoin DC

The idea for Dinarcoin Dc and blockchain was first published in an online cryptography forum in 25.3.2022, by an anonymous person (or group) called my wallet (Dinarcoin&Dc) . The white paper, entitled ‘DINARCOIN DC: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System’ outlined an electronic payment system based on mathematical proof, and explained how the different parts of the DINARCOIN DC protocol would operate and be kept secure. It further described how a new type of database called a blockchain would keep track of the history of all DINARCOIN DC transactions, and be maintained by everyone in the network.

DC could easily be transferred or sell this token and receive cash settlement within less than a minutes using the Public Bainans Blockchain Technology. Hence this will eventually removing storage costs, direct taxation and generally all the headaches of the commodity-to-cash conversion process.

DC are the form of Digital Currency (again each one backed by gold). They can be traded, used to purchase items, and used for just about any other use a digital currency can be used for instance that already in the market, Bitcoin btc, Bnb,Busd, Cake . Banana & Bitcoin btcmt. As a conclusion, DC may be purchased or “minted” (which will actually create new DC backed by physical gold).


DinarCoin can be procured from a holder of DinarCoin on the open market, or they can procure freshly minted new DC from liquidity provider. On the other hand, DinarCoin BNB (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) can mint new DC by procuring BNB to the 1:1 value of the DC through BNB Master Account. For the lifetime of a DC a corresponding value of BNB will be held in escrow that will STP 1:1 to the liquidity provider and available to be liquidized anytime when close the orders. Furthermore, when DC is created it is registered on the Bainans Blockchain and the Bitcoin Blockchain. The total amount of DC in circulation can be verified on either Blockchain, and audited against the total BNB held in escrow/Liquidity Provider by DinarCoin.


No Fluctuations

The first cryptocurrency without blockchain fluctuations.

Lower transaction fees

Lower transaction fees. Brands enjoy more % earnings.

Centralized System

Instant operations without any centralized system

AI Based

Protects the identity basing on AI.

Sway score

Influencer rankings based on engagement and Sway score.


Token Sale

Token Standard:BEP20
Trading Start1 year ago
Total Supply25,000,000 DINARCOIN

DINARCOIN DC Token Distribution

Total Supply: 25,000,000 DINARCOIN



  • Telegram community creation
  • Twitter creation
  • Website
  • Contract creation
  • Presale Launch on PinkSale
  • Daily Marketing Start
  • Audit
  • Coingecko listing
  • CoinMarketCap listing
  • 2,000+ Holders
  • CEX Listings
  • 4,000+ Holders
  • Build additional partnerships
  • Daily Marketing Push x2
  • 10,000+ Holders
  • T1 Exchange Listings
  • Daily Marketing At Maximum Level
  • Explode and take over the BSC Meme scene


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use DinarCoin ?

Anybody who wants to diversify their financial and digital holdings into secure and reliable digital gold, and use it for investment, trading, or as method of payment. Our customers are those who value accessibility, convenience, asset protection, transparency, and privacy. DinarCoin is using latest trading technology and platform to exchange it into other assets available in the decentralized liquidity.

How do I know my DinarCoin are secure?

Dinarcoin is built on top of the revolutionary and cryptographically secure bnb 1.0 blockchain and confirms to strict security and global government laws and regulations. 1 DinarCoin is based on current gold price provided by our liquidity and bridged 100% to “buy” 1:1 leverage BNB/USD to the prime brokers. Gold Smart Contract is 100% backed by grade gold bullion stored in independent vaults. As a fully transparent system, we publish a real-time record of all value held and transferred in and out of participated vaults. (DC) Dinar Coin and (BNB) G Smart Contract in wallet can be securely stored, sent, and received across the Blockchain and are redeemable anytime.

Is Dinarcoin DC Transparent ?

Our platform is built to be fully transparent at all times and is regularly audited. Every (Dinar Coin) and (Smart Gold Contract) is backed 100% by assets holdings, and can be redeemed or transfer. Real-time access to an up-to-the-minute balance sheet showing DinarCoin DC custodian accounts, movement of assets, and outstanding (Dinar Coin) and (Smart Gold Contract) in circulation can be viewed at our Liquidity Providers.

How to define the amount of the BNB/USD or gold buy in particular Liquidity?

Each Prime Broker has his own gold price marking (ticker) that allows full transparency of the issuance process and coin circulation. Information about all (Dinar Coin) and (Gold Smart Contract) issuance is visible in the Liquidity Provider, and also available from independent Blockchain explorers. For example, the history of issuance and documentation pertaining to issuance of the (Dinar Coin) or (Gold Smart Contracts) are available from Liquidity Provider.

What are DinarCoin DC fees?

We charge for “issuing” and “burning” process with spreads for issuance fees and 2% burning fees. Each time DinarCoin are transferred between our wallets is FREE . We don’t charge storage or insurance fees. It’s on us.

How do I buy DC?
Dcis trading on several decentralized exchanges. The best way to purchase it is using theCoinBrain Tradefeature that automatically finds the cheapest and fastest swap option for you. Besides that, you can buy it, for example, on PancakeSwap or ApeSwap.
DC Official smart contract address

DC Official smart contract address is 0x4D805E7cc3d3d68d1D55DD7002E3BfddFcFe7Dc0.


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